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#217 : Le Guide

Titre VO : Mountain

Johnny, Walt, Sarah et Junior partent en forêt pour pêcher. Johnny a la vision d'un carsh d'un avion contenant une cargaison de 2 millions de dollars. Il parvient à localiser l'épave quand un couple les prend en otage pour mettre la main sur le magot.

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(A beautiful summer morning on this glittering mountain lake in the far north of Penobscot County. Small fishing boats dot the water. Smoke rises from campfires along the shore.)


JOHNNY (O.S.): The fish aren't hungry but I am.




(Johnny and Walt are at the stern while J.J. is in the bow. All three are dressed for camping. They have fishing gear, but no fish. J.J. pulls his line out of the water.)


J.J.: I'm bored.


WALT: Fishing takes time J.J.


JOHNNY: Maybe we're using the wrong kind of worms.


WALT: (annoyed) Oh? What kind of worms would you recommend?


JOHNNY: The kind that fish eat.


(Walt is trying to be helpful, but there's an edge to his dealings with Johnny. J.J. tries to impale a fresh worm on his hook.)


JOHNNY: Here, J.J. let me help with that…


(He quickly paws through the can of worm dirt, picking up several worms, until…)




(A trout the size of Vermont races toward us, mouth open… Behind it, the underside of the Bannerman boat, the sun shining on the water… Then the trout mouth engulfs us…)




(Johnny allows himself a little smile as he hands the pole with the baited hook back to J.J.)


JOHNNY: Try this one.


(J.J. drops the line in the water…)


WALT: And be patient…


(There's an immediate tug on J.J.'s line…)


J.J.: (as surprised as anyone) Dad! I've got one!


WALT: (gives Johnny a look) Okay, okay, hold on…


(J.J. pulls a flopping trout into the boat. Momentary excitement as this beast of the depths is subdued.)


J.J.: I caught a fish!


JOHNNY: He's a whopper too.


WALT: (sarcastic, to Johnny) Guess we just needed the right worms.




(Two tents and a fire. Sarah waves as Walt's boat pulls in.)


SARAH: Ahoy, the mighty fishermen!


J.J.: Mom, I caught a fish!


SARAH: Good job, J.J.! (Then quietly to Johnny re: J.J.) How's it going?


(Johnny watches Walt haul the boat ashore as J.J. splashes into the shallow water.)


JOHNNY: It's going.


SARAH: Hang in there.


J.J.: Ow! I stepped on something.


(J.J. almost drops the trout.)


SARAH: Oh, honey, did you cut your foot?


J.J.: There's something down there.


(Walt reaches down and pulls something metallic out of the water.)


WALT: Aluminum. Looks like a piece of a boat.


(He hands it to Johnny, whose hand starts to SHAKE…)




(Grows into a metal plate, shaking violently on the side of an aircraft fuselage, which grows into a small jet plane wobbling across a stormy sky on its death arc.)




(Two pilots struggle for control as the camera withdraws through the cockpit door and through a small cargo hold filled with first direct packages of all shapes and sizes…)




(Johnny looks up and sees the smoky trail of the plane as it dives toward a distinctive mountain peak to his right, to the east…)




(Dazed by this vision as he holds up the fragment.)


SARAH: Johnny? What is it?


(Off Johnny's look.)










(A shack by the lake. Several handsome young people in bathing suits, a surprising number of them women in their early 20s, stroll in and out.)


MARC (V.O.): It might be.




(The fragment lies on the counter as Marc the owner, examines it with Walt and J.J.)


J.J.: (proud) I found it.


WALT: Wasn't there a plane crash up here, what, two - three years ago?


MARC: First Direct flight 233, September '99. Courier jet went down in a storm. A Dassault 20-C, crew of two. Massive search turned up a couple of pieces, but not the plane. Spent quite a bit of time looking for it myself.


SARAH: How is that possible?


MARC: Terrain is rugged enough, could be a few hundred yards off the trail you'd never see it.


(Johnny starts flipping through this collection of bucolic lake scenes and landscapes. He's trying to stay out of this.)


WALT: Who's the Ranger up here, we'd like to report this.


(Marc holds up the fragment.)


MARC: What makes you so sure this wasn't from a boat…


J.J.: It's not from a boat. It's from a plane crash. Johnny saw it.


MARC: What do you mean he saw it?


J.J.: (matter-of-fact) Johnny sees stuff. He can even tell you where the fish are biting. He's a psychic.


(Marc turns toward Johnny, who can't escape him.)


MARC: Oh yeah?


JOHNNY: Listen, I don't want to make a big deal out of this…


(Pauline appears. She is dressed in cut-offs and a tank top that are shorter and tighter than circumstances require, but her manner isn't slutty: think of her as full of life.)


PAULINE: What's going on?


MARC: These folks think they found a piece of Flight 233. Mr. Smith here's a "psychic" ...seems to think it crashed on the east side of the mountain.


PAULINE: That would explain why you couldn't find it after three years searching the west side.


(Pauline gives her full attention to this handsome stranger.)


PAULINE: …Wait a minute… Johnny Smith? Didn't you save a bunch of kids from a fire in Cleaves Mills? Caught some kind of serial killer too didn't you?


(Sarah clears her throat and nods toward J.J.)


PAULINE: Oh, sorry… You really think you know where that plane went down?


(Johnny's eye returns to the postcard display… A mountain scene showing a distinctive peak. (Our location) The title says "Mount Mannesquan".)


JOHNNY: It was heading toward this peak.


PAULINE: Mount Mannesquan? That is east of here…


WALT: If you could just get a hold of the Ranger for us.


PAULINE: That would be Randy Turman. I'll get him on the radio.


(Pauline and Marc exchange a look as she reaches for the radio.)




(Close on a snake slithering across the path. Reverse to find J.J., Walt, Sarah, Johnny and Pauline stopping dead in their tracks.)


WALT: Careful!


(The ranger -- Randy Turman -- is in his mid-thirties. He's good-looking, rugged, totally in control of his surroundings. He scoops up the snake.)


TURMAN: You found my escape artist. (Smiles at J.J.) Wanna touch?


(J.J. is torn between fear and fascination.)


J.J.: (to Walt and Sarah) Can I?


SARAH: Is it poisonous?


JOHNNY: There are no poisonous snakes in Maine.


(Everyone, including Ranger Turman, looks his way.)


TURMAN: Like Ireland. This is a milk snake. It only looks like the North American coral snake…


(Hesitantly, J.J. touches the snake as it coils up and around Turman's arms.)


J.J.: It's not slimy.


TURMAN: Nope. What's your name?


J.J.: J.J.


TURMAN: Well, J.J., it's the color of the bands that lets you know. "Red and black, friend of Jack, red and yellow…


JOHNNY: (beats him to it) "--kill a fellow."


(J.J. laughs -- but the ranger is still holding the snake.)


TURMAN: You must be John Smith. Pauline says you have information about the Flight 233 crash.


PAULINE: He says he saw it crash on Mount Mannesquan.


WALT: If he says he saw it, that's what happened. (Intros himself) Walt Bannerman. Penobscot County Sherriff. Mr. Smith has consulted on a number of cases for us. I've never known him to be wrong.


TURMAN: (open-minded) Really. What exactly did you see?


(Johnny orients himself, and raises his right hand toward the mountain.)


JOHNNY: Just an impression I got off the piece of metal. Inside a cargo plane. Pilots fighting for control -- the engine stalled -- they went into a dive toward that peak.


(Turman glances at Pauline. Interesting.)


TURMAN: All that from a piece of metal? Seems impossible, but if you're right, I need to go up there. There are two families who had nothing to bury. Sure like to find some closure for them. Think if I took you up there we could find the crash site?


JOHNNY: I'm not the hiker I used to be, but I might be able to narrow down the search.


WALT: A lot of ground to cover, I'll come, too.


(Walt turns to Sarah.)


WALT: Sorry J.J. this sort of shoots the fishing trip… You and mom can stay here till we get back.


J.J.: No way, I'm going with you, Dad.


(Walt, Johnny and Sarah exchange a three-way look.)


TURMAN: It's okay with me. Most likely be an overnighter. You up for an adventure kid?


J.J.: You bet.


SARAH: I don't know J.J. Who knows what we're going to find up there.


J.J.: (disappointed) Aw, Mom! I'm not scared! I just touched a snake!


(Turman laughs as he pulls out a map.)


TURMAN: Don't worry ma'am, we'll keep him out of harm's way. There's a cabin on that east trail. We can camp there tonight…




(Ranger Turman says goodbye to Marc and Pauline in the background as Johnny, Walt, Sarah, and J.J. pull on their packs.)


TURMAN: Ready to go?


J.J.: You bet. Can I go with the ranger?


WALT: Sure. We'll be right behind.


SARAH: You listen to Ranger Turman though.


J.J.: Yes Mom…


WALT: (to Johnny) You gonna be okay?


JOHNNY: Yeah. Don't worry about me.


(Marc and Pauline watch as Johnny catches up to the rest of the group.)





(A couple of hours later. It is now mid-afternoon. Johnny catches up with Walt and Sarah.)


SARAH: How's the leg holding up?


JOHNNY: (a white lie) So far the hike is easier than one of Bruce's workouts.


WALT: Well at least somebody is bonding with J.J.


(He nods ahead… Turman is pointing to some object in a tree, to J.J.'s rapt attention.)


SARAH: Don't listen to him. Now's your chance to catch up. J.J.'s studying ecology in school, I seem to remember that being one of your favorite subjects.


JOHNNY: Look, Sarah, it's one thing for J.J. and I to get to know each other better on a family camping trip… but now…


JOHNNY (CONT'D): now this has become about one of my visions. I was just hoping it could be… normal.


SARAH: Johnny, if you're waiting for the perfect moment it's never going to happen. Now go on.


(Johnny looks at her, thinks about it for a beat, then heads off to catch up with J.J. and the Ranger, leaving Sarah behind with Walt.)


WALT: What if he's right? What if it just isn't meant to be?


(Sarah watches Johnny go, hoping that's not true.)




(Looking up into a tree at a large bird's nest as Johnny catches up.)


J.J.: Johnny look, Ranger Randy showed me an owl's nest.


JOHNNY: Oh yeah, look at that. Spotted Owl?


TURMAN: Logging back in the 70's almost wiped em out.


J.J.: Aren't they endangered?


JOHNNY: (impressed) That's right J.J. …Everything in this forest is interconnected. If the owls weren't here to feed on the small animals, this whole habitat could be damaged.


(Johnny starts looking around on the ground directly beneath the nest.)


J.J.: Whatcha looking for?


(Johnny finds something, sweeping away some debris on the ground.)


JOHNNY: Owls are predators -- they eat small mammals like mice -- and they swallow them whole because they don't have teeth. They can't digest the bones, so they spit them out in what's called a pellet. There's one right here.


(J.J. leans in close to see. A crushed up mouse skeleton about the size of an egg.)


J.J.: Cool. It's like a smushed up skeleton. Can I touch it?


JOHNNY: Sure. Here, go show it to your mom, she'll love it.


(Johnny puts the pellet in J.J.'s hand, and he goes running off with it. Johnny and Turman continue up the trail.


JOHNNY: You know your park.


TURMAN: Well, I am the ranger. (Beat) You do all right, too. Most visitors wouldn't know the difference between a milk snake and a milk shake.


JOHNNY: I used to teach high school biology down in Cleaves Mills.


TURMAN: Nice town. A little crowded.


(Johnny can't help laughing.)


JOHNNY: Cleaves Mills? Too crowded?


TURMAN: Guess I'm not what you'd call a people person. Hell even Spirit Lake is getting a little crowded for me. Park Service cabin is just a few bends ahead. We'll camp there tonight.


(Just then a scream draws there attention. Johnny and Turman turn to see: Walt is laughing as J.J. shows Sarah the owl pellet, thrusting it right in her face.)


SARAH: Yes. Yes. It's very nice. Now get it away from me.


(Sharing a laugh.)




(Rising over the mountain peaks.)





(A meal and several hours later. A fire burns down as Johnny, Sarah, Walt, J.J. and Turman sit around the campfire.)


TURMAN: …they heard the snap of a branch. No one was supposed to be there. At first they thought it was a black bear. Or maybe a brush wolf.


(Yes, Turman is in full scary story mode. J.J. is listening, trying to keep cool. It's not working.)


TURMAN: So Ned, the first logger, goes to investigate. Wham! He disappears (J.J. jumps) The other logger, whose name was Gerald, takes the rifle and goes to investigate. Because he knows better than to go into the forest alone… at night.


(Turman's voice dies. Stays dead. After a moment…)


J.J.: Then what?


TURMAN: They tracked him into the woods, where the footprints suddenly ended, as if he'd been yanked into mid-air. Gerald and Ned were never seen again.


(J.J. can't help gasping. Sarah, too.)


SARAH: (prompting) Of course, this all happened a looong time ago, right?


TURMAN: (picking up the hint) True.


JOHNNY: The Old Man of Mount Mannesquan retired to Florida in, what, 1992?


(This gets a laugh, especially from J.J.)


TURMAN: Okay, park rule: scary stories must be followed by marshmallows.


(He pulls a bag out of his pack, then starts searching for sticks.)


J.J.: Cool!


(While everyone else gets ready for Marshmallows, something catches Johnny's attention, drawing his look off into the darkness.)




(Standing in the darkness, just beyond the light thrown from the fire. It's eerie, like he's lit from another dimension. He's staring at Johnny, saying something, but there's no sound coming from his mouth. Johnny strains to see him, not even sure he's there. The Stalker's hand is in his pocket, and just as he's about to take it out to show something to Johnny…)


SARAH (O.S.): What is it Johnny?




(Johnny turns to Sarah…)


JOHNNY: …I thought I saw something.


(Johnny turns back, the Stalker is gone. Everyone else looks -- nothing there.)


WALT: (having fun) Maybe it's the Old Man of Mount Mannesquan…


(J.J.'s eyes widen. He tucks up against Sarah.)


SARAH: Walt…


(Johnny knows he saw something, but isn't sure if it's a vision or real.)


JOHNNY: Guess it's nothing…


(Johnny's attention returns to the group as he shakes off the weird vision. J.J. barely has the first marshmallow in the fire when crunch! A sound from the woods startles the hell out of them all. Emerge from the shadows. Both are burdened with heavy packs, which they waste no time in dropping.)


MARC: Evening folks.


PAULINE: (politely) Hope we didn't spook you.


(She sees the surprise on the faces of Johnny, Walt and Sarah.)


TURMAN: Well… this is a surprise.


MARC: It's a big mountain. Thought you could use a hand.


TURMAN: (to Johnny and company) Marc spent three summers searching the mountain for that plane, so I guess we can't blame him for wanting to help.


MARC: I, ah, hope it's all right.


WALT: It's okay with me.


SARAH: An extra pair of eyes might be helpful.


MARC: And I've got something to show Mr. Smith here.


(Marc takes a handkerchief out of his pack and peels it open to reveal another piece of metal -- this one is a bolt that is twisted and bent. Everyone watches as Marc unwraps the bolt and hands it to Johnny…)




(The twisted bolt grows into the storm battered tail of the plane. As the rudder is buffeted by turbulence, the bolt rips loose and the rudder is peeled away by the wind, sending the plane into a dive.)





(As the doomed pilots fight for control, the now familiar peak filling their view.)


PILOT: …Damn, we lost rudder control.


CO-PILOT: Watch out for the trees.


(Vision ends.)





TURMAN: (to Johnny, fascinated) Are you seeing something?


JOHNNY: (still shaken) The rudder was damaged and they went down in the trees.


MARC: The forest is really dense up on the east slope. If it hit there, no wonder we never found it!


(His eyes as big as saucers, having heard everything.)


SARAH: (re: J.J.) I think it's somebody's bedtime.


WALT: Should probably all get some sleep.


TURMAN: You three take the cabin. The rest of us can bunk under the stars.


(J.J., Walt and Sarah head into the cabin as Johnny grabs his sleeping bag. Johnny exchanges a look with Pauline, who gives him a friendly smile. Maybe too friendly.)




(One room with a pot bellied stove and several logging or climbing tools hanging on the bare walls. J.J. is already in his sleeping bag on the floor, out like a light. Sarah and Walt are settling…)


WALT: I wish I could drop off to sleep like that.


(Sarah snuggles him.)


SARAH: Well, if the mountain air doesn't work, I might have something…


(She kisses him.)


SARAH: You've been great about this whole weekend.


WALT: I have?


SARAH: Letting Johnny be part of this? I know it's not easy. I know… (The verge of a confession?)


WALT: It's fine. Let's get some sleep.


(Walt is not prepared to share his feelings on the subject. They hunker down for sleep, nothing more…)




(Johnny returns from a trip to the bushes to find Marc toasting the last of the marshmallows.)


MARC: (mouth full) Sorry. No time for dinner.


JOHNNY: No problem.


PAULINE (O.S.): Marc! I need help with this!


MARC: Here I come.


(He tosses the marshmallow stick to the ground as he goes. Johnny left alone by the fire, looks back into the woods where he saw the Stalker earlier. Nothing there. Johnny shrugs it off. Notices one marshmallow left.)


JOHNNY: …Can't waste this…


(He picks up Marc's marshmallow stick, triggering…)




(Marc is hurriedly going through the contents of a small lock box full of newspaper clippings, setting them aside as he looks for something. A headline of one of the clippings reads: courier flight crashes in Maine, pilots feared dead… ramp into the subhead – two million dollar cargo still missing. The view widens as Marc finds what he's looking for: the bolt he showed Johnny. He shuts the lock box, stuffs the bolt in his pocket, then grabs something else from under the counter – a gun.)




(Staggered. For a moment he's torn… which way to turn…?)




(All three Bannermans are asleep as Johnny edges into the cabin.)


JOHNNY: (whispers) Walt…


(Walt stirs sleepily, then snaps fully awake.)


WALT: Johnny? What…?


JOHNNY: Something's up with that guy from the boatshop.


JOHNNY (CONT'D): He's got a gun.


WALT: Gun? You sure?


(Walt recognizes the signs of a Johnny vision. Walt extracts himself from the sleeping bag.)


WALT: Okay, okay… (Thinks) Let's get Turman.




(The fire has almost completely died down by now as Johnny and Walt finish filling in Turman in hushed tones.)


JOHNNY: First they show up uninvited.


(And now he's got a gun. Set up not far away. The light from a lantern inside shows two figures.)


JOHNNY (CONT'D): There's something on that plane he wants.


TURMAN: How the hell…?


(He looks from Walt to Johnny.)


TURMAN (CONT'D): …I see. (Sighs) It looks like you're right Mr. Smith…


(He reaches into his pack and pulls out his own gun, which he trains on Johnny and Walt.)


TURMAN (CONT'D): …Unfortunately.










(A tense Johnny and Walt sit before the campfire as Turman waits for Marc to take up position. Both carry pistols. They are nervous.)


WALT: Why are you doing this?


JOHNNY: This was never about finding the dead pilots was it? There's something on that plane you want.


(It's a guess, not a vision. But it hits home. Pauline elbows Marc.)


TURMAN: I told you not to let him touch you!


MARC: He didn't touch me…


TURMAN: Doesn't matter now. You two should have stayed back at the lake like we agreed.


MARC: If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't even be here.


TURMAN: This changes everything.


JOHNNY: So what's this two million dollar cargo?


(Turman and Marc react, this guy is good.)


TURMAN: That's where it gets interesting. We're not sure. All we know is there's a single package insured for over two million dollars.




(J.J. still sleeps, but Sarah is wide awake, watching through the door.)




(Johnny, Walt, Marc, and Turman.)


WALT: How do you know it even survived the crash. There's probably nothing left of that plane but a charred hole in the ground.


MARC: Emergency beacon survived the crash, but went dead before they could locate the wreckage.


TURMAN: The insurance company must have been pretty sure it survived. They spent months looking for that cargo before they paid off the claim. We'd all given up finding it, until you came along Mr. Smith.


WALT: So you find your loot; then what? Eliminate the witnesses? You aren't a killer, Turman.


MARC: For two million bucks, I am.


(Sarah reacts to this with horror. Just then, J.J. stirs.)


J.J.: (sleepily) Mom?


SARAH: (comforting) Ssshhh. It's all right, sweetie. Back to sleep…


(She strokes his head, even though her heart is pounding and her hand is trembling, getting J.J. back to sleep. Just outside the cabin door, Sarah sees Turman's pack and sleeping bag. Next to the pack, Turman's walkie-talkie.)




(Eases out the door, inching her way towards the walkie. Just as she gets her hand on it she hears a click.)




(Sarah turns slowly: there's Pauline, pointing the gun at her.)




(Pauline shoves Sarah into view. Walt and Johnny rise as one, but Marc is there, covering them. Pauline hands the walkie to Turman.)


PAULINE: You might want to put this someplace safe.


TURMAN: All right, Mom knows, too. That makes everything simpler.


WALT: Sarah… where's J.J.?


SARAH: Asleep in the cabin…


TURMAN: Okay, all of you. This kind of hero stuff is only going to get someone hurt. You don't want that, and we don't want that. So here's what's going to happen. J.J.'s a great kid; he doesn't need to know anything. As far as he's concerned, we're just on a little treasure hunt. The rest of you behave yourselves, and nobody gets hurt. Understood?


(Walt knows he has to buy time. He and Sarah nod in silent agreement.)


TURMAN: (to Johnny) That goes double for you, Mr. Smith. Just help me find that plane and you'll all be home for dinner.


(Johnny looks at Sarah and Walt. He comes to the same conclusion Walt did.)


JOHNNY: I'll cooperate.


TURMAN: Alright then. You folks might want to try to get some sleep, we've got a big day tomorrow… Marc, since you crashed the party, you take first watch.




(Sunrise lights up the mountain.)


TURMAN (O.S.): Beautiful day for a hike huh?





(Turman leads the way up a mountainous path, followed by Johnny. Next come Walt, Sarah, and J.J., with Marc and Pauline bringing up the rear.)


JOHNNY: I can think of better ways to spend my time.


TURMAN: Look, this isn't what I had in mind either Mr. Smith…


TURMAN (CONT'D): I'm not some bad guy who was looking to kidnap a family.


JOHNNY: It's not you I'm worried about.


TURMAN: I'll handle Marc. You just get us to that plane.


(J.J., happy and unaware of the danger, runs ahead to catch up with Johnny and the Ranger.)


SARAH: J.J. - come back here.


J.J.: Aww Mom, I want to to hike with the Ranger.


(Turman, smiling, tousles J.J.'s hair playfully.)


TURMAN: It's okay. I love the little guy.


SARAH: (covering her fear) We'll be right here J.J.


TURMAN: Ever been on a treasure hunt, J.J.?


J.J.: No sir!


TURMAN: Well, this is kind of like that, except your friend Johnny here is our treasure map.


J.J.: Cool…


(Johnny and Turman exchange a look.)




(An hour or so later. The terrain is up and down, rocky, heavily-wooded. No one is going too fast, except for J.J., who is happily scampering up and down every rock in sight. Marc and Pauline hike along, keeping an eye on Walt and Sarah.)


MARC: First thing I'm gonna do with our share, baby, is buy you a proper wedding ring with a diamond about the size of my fist.


PAULINE: (playfully) About time… what's the second thing you're going to do?


(Marc slides up next to her and whispers in her ear.)


PAULINE: Mmm… aren't you the bad boy…


(Walt and Sarah listen to Marc and Pauline, seething. Walt plays it cool, but his eyes are scanning his captors, his cop's mind constantly updating escape scenarios. J.J. finds a big chunk of black basalt.)


J.J.: Look what I found.


(He hands it to Turman first.)


TURMAN: That's a beauty.


(Turman logically hands the rock back to J.J. Johnny sees an opportunity.)


JOHNNY: Let's see that, J.J.


(The touch of the rock leads to…)




(Turman and Pauline, back behind the counter in the boatshop, halfway out of their clothes, banging their way through a P.G. rated quicky. Vision ends.)




(He gives the piece of basalt back to J.J.)


JOHNNY: That's a nice chunk of basalt you got there. These mountains are volcanic.


J.J.: Can I keep it?




(Johnny lets Turman and J.J. pull ahead as he pauses to drink from his canteen. He looks from Turman, to Pauline, to Marc, trying to calculate what this new dynamic means. As Marc catches up…)


JOHNNY: So Marc, how long you two been together?


MARC: What do you care?


JOHNNY: Just making conversation.


MARC: (to Pauline) How long we been together, baby? Five years?




JOHNNY: Must get lonely up here in the winter, just the two of you.


MARC: Ain't so bad. We got each other -- right, baby?


PAULINE: That's right.


JOHNNY: Guess the Ranger Station's open year round, too, huh…?


(Just then Turman shouts from up ahead.)


TURMAN: Mr. Smith, why don't you catch up with J.J. and me?


(Turman waits as Johnny catches up. Marc watches him go, wondering what that was about. But a seed has been planted…)




(Of the area surrounding Spirit Lake. Widen out to reveal: Turman and the others, wide spot in the trail (not yet at bridge) as a concerned Turman consults the map.)


TURMAN: Trail's washed out up ahead. Looks like we're going to have to cross at the old railroad bridge about a quarter mile upstream.


MARC: Didn't some kids get killed foolin' around on that bridge last summer?


TURMAN : It's the only way across. Otherwise it's a two day walk up to the narrows…


(He looks at the map again.)


TURMAN: Let me just scout ahead a bit, maybe there's another crossing. The rest of you stay here -- get some food and rest 'til I get back. (Then to Marc, quietly) Keep an eye on the Sheriff.


MARC: Don't worry.


(Turman heads off.)




(Johnny, J.J., Sarah and Walt eating trail mix. Only J.J. has an appetite. Marc watches them like a hawk. *)


J.J.: I want to be a Ranger when I grow up.


WALT: I thought you wanted to be a cop.


J.J.: I want to be a copy and a Ranger… and a scientist.


SARAH: (finding a ray of sunshine) I'm sure you'll be all of those things and more.


(Pauline is rifling through her and Marc's packs, getting frustrated.)


PAULINE: I thought I told you to pack some of those power bars.


MARC: I did.


PAULINE: (bitchy) Well, they aren't here.


(A window into a day in the life of Marc and Pauline -- it ain't pretty.)


MARC: Lemme look.


(Marc walks over to Pauline, turning his back on Johnny and the others. As he bends over to search through the packs, his shirt rides up, revealing the gun tucked in the back of his pants. Johnny and Walt see this. Eyes locked on the gun, Walt hands his water bottle to Johnny, triggering…)




(Walt sees his chance and takes it, running the ten steps across the trail, tackling Marc from behind, their momentum knocking Pauline and the packs aside. Walt and Marc fight for the gun, Marc getting off a wild shot before Walt subdues him, winding up on top with his knee in Marc's back. But then…)


SARAH: (quiet, almost surprised) …Walt…


(Johnny and Walt turn to see: Sarah hands clutched to her stomach, bleeding, a look of surprise on her face as she collapses. Vision ends.)




(Just as Johnny takes the water bottle from Walt, who we see is coiling like a spring, ready to… Wider as Walt makes his move, running toward Marc, and disaster.)




(It's all the warning Marc needs, turning just in time to sidestep Walt and pull his gun, bashing Walt in the head as they go down.)


SARAH: Oh my god!


J.J.: Daddy!


(Marc pulls himself free, leaving Walt on the ground, bleeding. Sarah and J.J. run to Walt who staggers to his feet, wiping the blood from his head. All three look to Johnny, a mixture of fear and confusion on their faces.)


WALT: What the hell's wrong with you, Johnny?


JOHNNY: I saw it -- Sarah you were -- it wasn't going to work…


(Just then Turman returns, gun drawn, standing next to Johnny.)


TURMAN: Listen to your friend, Sheriff. He's never wrong. Said so yourself.


(Walt glares at Johnny and Turman. Off Johnny's look…)










(Walt is on his feet, hands in the air. Marc holds a gun on him. (He is shaking with anger.) Pauline has her pistol aimed at Johnny and Sarah, who holds onto J.J.)


TURMAN: (disappointed) All you people had to do was play along. (To Walt) But you had to be the big hero…


JOHNNY: What did you expect? You can't kidnap a man's family and not expect him to do something…


(But Turman isn't listening to Johnny.)


MARC: Well, you can't expect me not to do something either.


TURMAN: Calm down. Take him back the way we came a few hundred yards and tie him up where some hiker won't see him.


MARC: Don't you think…


TURMAN: Just do what I tell you for once.


SARAH: (to Turman) Then what?


(Pauline answers for him…)


PAULINE: Then you shut up and do what you're told.


(Sarah looks at her with loathing. Turman gives Pauline a look that says, "Stay out of it.")


TURMAN: Like I've been saying all along. Mr. Smith helps us find the plane, then everybody gets to go home. By the time you three pick up the Sheriff and trek back down to the lake, we'll be across the border…


(Turman is getting impatient -- he tosses Marc a coil of rope.)


TURMAN: Get going! You can catch up with us at the bridge. (then to Walt) Leave the pack.


(As Walt passes, he peels off the pack and hands it to Johnny, triggering…)




(Marc marches Walt to a spot at the edge of a gorge overlooking a rushing river below. Walt looks at the drop off, then turns around to face Marc, who stops about ten feet back from the edge.)


WALT: Now what?


MARC: Turn around so I can tie you up.


(Walt turns around.)


WALT: You hurt my wife and kid, I'll kill you.


MARC: You don't need to worry about that…


(The view widens to reveal Johnny, standing next to Marc, watching as Marc drops the coil of rope and aims his gun at Walt's back.)


MARC (CONT'D): …anymore.


(And Marc fires the gun… Vision slows to bullet time as the bullet inches its way toward Walt. Johnny reacts in horror as the vision snaps to normal speed and the bullet hits Walt in the back. Johnny watches helpless as Walt falls dead over the edge of the cliff and we hear a splash from below.)


MARC: Shoulda jumped when you had the chance.


(Vision ends :)




(Walt handing off the pack to Johnny.)


JOHNNY: (quietly) When he tells you not to worry. Jump.


(Walt's first reaction is annoyance -- what the hell is Johnny talking about? Then he remembers just who's talking to him.)


MARC: Hey. Shut up you two.


(Marc pushes Walt along. J.J. runs to him.)


J.J.: I want to go with you!


WALT: Don't worry, J.J. I'll see you all in a couple of hours. Go to your mom now. It's okay.


MARC: Go on kid, do as your Dad says.


(Sarah pulls J.J. away as Marc marches Walt off. Pauline and Turman exchange a look about Marc that makes us wonder what they're thinking. Sarah turns to Johnny, her eyes pleading for a way out of this as Turman starts them marching away.)




(A railroad bridge that has seen better decades. Reaching the head of the bridge, Turman pauses. The view cranes up to reveal the depth of the river gorge below. Pauline looks at the shear drop.)


PAULINE: You're not really thinking of going across that are you?


TURMAN: Don't worry, I have an idea.


(He steps aside and politely motions with his gun for Johnny to pass him.)


TURMAN: All right, Smith, you're the psychic. (Points to the bridge) You go first.


(A beat. Then Johnny steps forward onto the bridge, gingerly touching each plank with his foot before stepping on it.)




(The board cracks into splinters, and Johnny plunges through the opening, hurtling down to the rocks below, dying. Vision ends…)




(Johnny decides to skip that board.)




(He takes a few steps more, testing each board as he goes. Another board breaks and Johnny falls through, but this time, the vision freezes before he falls all the way through, then reverses, Johnny popping back up onto the bridge. He tries the next board. It breaks, too. Again Johnny falls through, and again the vision freezes, then reverses, Johnny popping back up on the bridge.)




(Johnny back where he started - none of the boards broken, it was all a vision. He begins crossing the bridge, careful not to step on the bad planks. Turman watches, J.J. at his side.)


JOHNNY: This one's no good. Neither is that one. Step here.


(Turman looks at the water below.)


TURMAN: Not that I don't trust you Mr. Smith, but…


(Turman extends a hand to J.J.)


TURMAN: …Take my hand.


(J.J. looks to Sarah, who looks to Johnny.)


JOHNNY: Go ahead, J.J. I won't let anything happen to you.


SARAH: It's okay, baby.


(Turman takes J.J.'s hand, gripping it tightly. Turman hits the next plank. Solid. The three of them advance, followed by Sarah and Pauline.)




(A few hundred yards down the trail. Marc pushes Walt along at gunpoint. We hear water rushing past below. Hard to tell which of them is more nervous.)


MARC: Over there.


(In a repeat of Johnny's vision, Marc marches Walt to a spot at the edge of a gorge overlooking a rushing river below. Walt looks at the drop off, then turns around to face Marc, who stops about ten feet back from the edge.)


WALT: Now what?


MARC: Turn around so I can tie you up.


WALT: You hurt my wife and kid, I'll kill you.


(He's moving as slowly as he can, trying to figure out what Johnny meant. Turning to face the edge, he looks down to the river, forty feet below.)


MARC: You don't need to worry about that…


(Walt realizes this must be the moment Johnny was talking about.)


WALT: (to himself) Damn… Johnny…


(As Marc drops the rope and raises his gun in slow motion, Walt looks down and…)




(Johnny, J.J. and Turman -- are just reaching the other side. Sarah and Pauline follow, half a dozen planks behind as Marc's shot echoes.)


SARAH: Walt!


(Johnny looks back at her. He wants to be reassuring, but there's nothing he can say out loud.)


JOHNNY: (voice strained) Stay focused, Sarah. (Then, re: a plank) This one.


(J.J. and Turman step as Johnny does.)


JOHNNY: And… this one.


(The final plank. They have reached the other side. They turn to wait for Sarah and Pauline.)


TURMAN: (getting impatient) Pauline, do you see Marc anywhere?


(Pauline looks down river.)


PAULINE: Not yet.


(Sarah reaches the safety of the far side. J.J. runs to her arms; Turman lets him. Pauline is still working her way across the last few steps, leaving Johnny alone with Turman.)


JOHNNY: Marc knows you're nailing his wife.


(Turman reacts, surprised Johnny knows this.)


JOHNNY: He's going to wait until we find your cargo, and then he's going to kill you, too.


TURMAN: Nice try Mr. Smith, but the mind games aren't going to work. One thing I know about Marc is, he has no impulse-control. The fact that I'm still breathing means he doesn't know… (Then quietly threatening) …And you sure as hell aren't going to tell him… understood?


MARC (O.S.): Hey, a little help!


(He stands on the far side of the bridge, breathless.)


TURMAN: What happened?


MARC: Just a warning shot. He tried to make a break.


TURMAN: (to Marc, with a glance at Johnny) Hurry up, then. I'll guide you.


(Sarah, terrified, silently mouths to Johnny.)


SARAH: (silent) What happened to Walt?


JOHNNY: (silently, shrugging) I don't know yet…


(He reaches out and squeezes her hand as Sarah hugs J.J. Pistol in belt, Marc has made it halfway across. Turman stands at the safe end, guiding. Pauline is behind the ranger, pistol trained on Johnny, Sarah and J.J.)


TURMAN: Next… okay. Keep going.


(Marc stops.)


MARC: This one looks bad…


TURMAN: Then step over it. Trust me, we all made it…


(Marc steps over it. Hears a creak, but doesn't fall. He's halfway across. Just out of Turman's earshot.)


PAULINE: Careful!


JOHNNY: As if you care…


(Pauline shoots him a look.)


PAULINE: You don't know anything.


JOHNNY: Must be tough. Girl from a small town -- winds up stuck someplace even smaller. No friends. Nothing to see but a lake and a bait shop and a dead end husband. Who could blame you for falling in love with the handsome Ranger? Gotta wonder how long it's going to last once he gets his hands on that money… unless of course


(Marc kills you both first.)


PAULINE: Shut up.


(As Turman continues to lead Marc across.)


MARC: Now what?


TURMAN: Two more…


(Marc steps. Solid. Steps again… close to the safe side now.)


TURMAN: (a beat) Take the next step…


(Marc does, and he smashes through the rotted wood. Sarah reacts, turning J.J. away. Pauline rushes forward, but hesitates, exchanging a look with Turman. Seeing that Marc is hanging on solidly, Turman turns his gun on Johnny.)


TURMAN: Help him up.


(Johnny pushes past Turman, kneeling on the bridge planks to help Marc.)


JOHNNY: Take my hand.


(Marc hesitates, not sure he can trust Johnny.)


JOHNNY: Take my hand!


(Marc lets go with one hand, reaching for Johnny. As Johnny locks onto his wrist…)




(Walt stands at the precipice… The rushing water looms below… Behind him, Marc raises the pistol…)


MARC: …You don't need to worry about that…


(Then Walt rushes for the edge… jumps… There’s a splash… Marc fires a desperate, late, wild shot… But Walt has survived the jump… And is being carried downstream… Alive…)




(Johnny has Turman's help now, pulling Marc to safety.)


TURMAN: (to Marc) Sorry about that. I must have mis-counted…


(Pauline rushes to Marc, embracing him.)


PAULINE: Are you okay, baby?


MARC: Yeah, fine…


(He exchanges a look of grudging thanks with Johnny. As Marc and Pauline put on their packs, Johnny sneaks a smile to Sarah, signaling her that Walt is alive. Just then Turman pulls Johnny aside.)


TURMAN: I know you touched Marc. What really happened with the Sheriff?


JOHNNY: (lying well) You know what happened you bastard. Just don't tell his wife and kid.


(Turman nods soberly. Then…)


TURMAN: (lightening the mood) Okay Mr. Smith, upstream or downstream?


JOHNNY: I don't know. All my visions so far have been from up above the trees. It all looks so different from here. Without something to touch, I can't really say.


(Turman thinks a beat.)


TURMAN: Marc… you still got that bolt?


MARC: Yeah sure.


TURMAN: Give it here.


(Marc digs it out of his pack and starts to give it to Turman, who avoids touching it.)


TURMAN: Hand it to Mr. Smith. (Then to Johnny) Maybe you can get another hit off of this.


JOHNNY: It doesn't work like that…


TURMAN: Try… (Then subtly threatening) What do you have to lose?


JOHNNY: Takes the bolt from Marc…




(The pilots brace for final impact, the altitude alarm blaring as they begin slashing through the tree tops. Vision ends.)




(As he comes out of the vision, shaking his head.)


JOHNNY: Sorry. I'm seeing the crash, but it's too disjointed, it's not giving me any sense of which direction to go.


(Turman shows a flash of anger, twitching his gun hand.)


TURMAN: Try harder.


(Johnny has no choice but to comply. He fingers the piece of metal, thinking, playing for time. He looks up at the surrounding trees, the wind blowing the forest canopy, and an idea starts to form. As Turman watches in fascination, Johnny takes the bolt in one hand, then closing his eyes to concentrate, reaches out with his trembling free hand to touch a large tree near him, triggering :)




(With a dead zone whoosh, the view ramps from the bolt in Johnny's hand -- across Johnny -- and up into the tree, pausing momentarily to look straight down on Johnny and the others -- the Whoosh – ramps to another tree, then another, then another, sometimes even following the roots, the view moving from tree to tree, accelerating with each connection, pausing at each junction before ramping to the next tree -- along the way shooting past a deer -- then an owl -- gathering speed until the forest is just a blur -- then it appears -- at first just a silver dot in the distance, rushing towards us until we see – The crash site -- Johnny's vision POV hurtling toward the wreckage, surrounded by the trees that have embraced it, hiding it's secret until now. The view continues into the broken fuselage, taking us right inside -- crashing to a stop on – The dead pilot’s skeleton still at the controls, mouth open in his final scream, tendrils of a creeping vine gripping his skull, the forest having claimed him as it's own. Vision ends :)




(He drops the metal and disconnects from the tree, fighting to steady himself, rocked by the effort. He picks up his cane and points…)


JOHNNY: That way.


TURMAN: Downstream? You sure?


(Johnny nods yes.)


TURMAN: All right then. Lets get moving.


(As Johnny looks to Sarah…)










(The view tilts down from the canopy of pine trees to reveal a hand, snapping a low hanging branch. The view widens to reveal: Walt, wet but alive. Listening to the sound of voices approaching from behind him, he moves off deeper into the forest.)




(Following Johnny as Turman, J.J., Sarah, Marc and Pauline leave the trail behind.)


J.J.: I'm tired.


SARAH: Me too Sweetie.


JOHNNY: Hang in there J.J. You're being super brave.


J.J.: I want my Dad.


(Sarah and Johnny exchange a look.)


J.J.: What's going to happen to us?


JOHNNY: You just stay close to your mom, everything's gonna be okay.




(We get glimpses of the now familiar peak of Mt. Mannesquan ahead.)




(Johnny and the others stop to rest and get a drink.)


TURMAN: We'll stop here for a minute, give the kid a rest.


MARC: I'm going to scout around up ahead.


TURMAN: Suit yourself. Give a shout if you see anything.


(Turman offers his canteen to J.J., who just shakes his head no.)


TURMAN: That's okay kid, I guess I'd be mad too. Don't worry, you'll be with your Dad soon enough.


(Sarah doesn't like the ambiguity of Turman's tone. She takes J.J. away to sit down on a log. Johnny notices a broken branch on a tree at the edge of the clearing. Curious he touches it and we hear a dead zone whoosh. Johnny looks around, surprised; Walt? Here? Turman walks over to Johnny.)


TURMAN: You know Mr. Smith, I'm really starting to respect this talent of yours. It's too bad we didn't get a chance to meet under different circumstances.


JOHNNY: So what was your plan anyway?


TURMAN: I was hoping I could come up here with just you folks, find the package and stash it someplace where I could come back later for it and nobody would be the wiser. I never intended for anybody to get hurt.


(Just then Pauline catches up.)


PAULINE: How much farther?


TURMAN: Can't be too far, we're going to be above the treeline pretty soon. (Then to Johnny) You said it went down in the trees didn't you?


JOHNNY: That's what I saw.


PAULINE: (taunting) What else do you see Mr. Smith? If you're so psychic, tell me my future…


(Johnny tries to ignore her. Turman doesn't like where this is going.)


TURMAN: Pauline…


PAULINE: No. I really want to know. C'mon Mr. Psychic, am I wrapped in a mink in Switzerland or am I in Rio, lying on the beach in a bikini and pearls?


TURMAN: (stronger) Pauline…


PAULINE: I'm just having a little fun… (Then to Johnny) Go ahead touch me.


(She gets right in front of Johnny, he just looks at her.)


PAULINE: (flirty) What? You don't want to touch me? (Then sarcastically) That's a first… alright, then I'll touch you…


(She reaches out like a girl playing tag, touching Johnny with her finger, triggering :)




(Pauline lying dead on the rocks, eyes open, a gunshot wound in her chest. The view ramps out wider to reveal… Turman is holding a gun. He looks up from Pauline, then takes the gun and shoots himself in the shoulder, giving himself a nice through-and-through wound. Gritting his teeth in pain, he takes a few steps revealing: Marc. Also dead, bleeding from an unseen wound to the head. Turman puts the clean gun in Marc's hand, pressing his fingers around the trigger to fire the gun off into a nearby tree. Next he pulls out his walkie talkie and starts speaking, suddenly acting panicked and out of breath.)


TURMAN: (into radio) Mayday, Mayday - anyone monitoring this frequency. This is U.S. Forest Ranger Turman with a medical emergency, I need a Medivac chopper on the east slope of Mt. Mannesquan immediately…



(As he walks away from Marc and Pauline the view follows him to reveal: Johnny and Sarah dead. Face down. J.J. is unseen, but Turman's demeanor tells us he's dead, too.)


TURMAN: …I've got six gunshot victims and I'm wounded…


(Vision ends…)





(Johnny comes out of the vision, tempering his reaction.)


PAULINE: So? What did you see?


JOHNNY: You were lying in the sun.


PAULINE: The beach. I knew it.


(Just then, Marc shouts from up ahead.)


MARC: I found it… the crash… it's just up ahead.


(Everyone reacts. Johnny and Sarah exchange a look. Whatever is going to happen, is going to happen soon.)


TURMAN: (to Pauline) You stay here with Mom and the kid.


PAULINE: No way. I'm coming with you.


TURMAN: (forcefully) Stay here.


(A meaningful look passes between Turman and Pauline. A decision has been made. Kill Marc?)




(Nearby another look is passing between Johnny and Sarah. Turning so Pauline and Turman can't see him, Johnny shifts his eyes to indicate the surrounding forest and mouths "Walt".)


TURMAN: C'mon Mr. Smith, I want you with me.




(As he works his way up the mountain, Turman right behind as he catches up with Marc.)


MARC (O.S.): It's right up here!




(Johnny and Turman round a bend, reacting to what they find: the final resting place of First Direct 233. Pieces of metallic debris and paper are scattered among the pine needles; some pieces hang from trees. Several large sections of the fuselage survived the crash, hidden beneath the dense forest canopy.)


MARC: No wonder they never found it from the air.


(Unable to restrain himself, he plunges into the rear hunk of fuselage, leaving Johnny and Turman alone for a moment.)


MARC (O.S.): It's a mess in here - help me look. It's a steel shipping container about yay big.


(He shapes a briefcase with his hands. Marc climbs out of the rear fuselage.)


MARC: Nothing here.


TURMAN: Check the cockpit, everything might have been thrown forward in the crash. Get in there and help him Smith.


(Johnny goes…)




(Dark but for beams of light streaming through holes and jagged cracks in the metal. There is a mound of debris… jumbled, smashed bags and boxes -- filling the nose of the wreck, burying the co-pilot. Johnny follows Marc inside, reacting to what he sees. The dead pilot as seen in Johnny's vision, still strapped to his seat. The rest of the cockpit is filled with debris.)


MARC: Gross huh? Poor bastard. Guess we all gotta go sometime.


JOHNNY: (re: Marc) Some sooner than others.


(Marc is pawing through the mass of debris on the co-pilot's side.)


MARC: (ripping open a mailer) It's all paper! Where is the damn thing.


(Johnny reluctantly helps clear some debris… loses balance… reaches out for the cabin wall… When he touches it we hear a dead zone whoosh. As Johnny reacts…)





(Pressed up against the outside of the plane, hidden, waiting. He shifts his weight, and a piece of debris falls, making a noise. Turman is on the opposite side of the plane from Walt. He hears the noise and goes to investigate. The view follows him as he walks around the plane, but when he gets there, Walt's gone. Shrugging it off, he exits back the way he came, the view holding a beat before revealing: Walt behind a nearby tree. Just outside the cockpit.)


TURMAN: How's it going in there?


MARC (O.S.): Still looking. It's a big damn mess…




(Johnny watches as Marc continues pawing through the debris tugging at one large piece of metal in the way.)


MARC: Give me a hand with this.


(Johnny steps in to help. As they pull together, the metal suddenly gives way and Marc falls backward, buried in



THE DEAD CO-PILOT: Face to face with Marc.


MARC: AAAaaaahhh-Jeeezze-Godddd. Get it off me. Get it off.


(Marc scrambles to get out from under the corpse, Johnny pulling him by the collar without touching the body. As he does, several pieces of cargo fall. Johnny looks down, and sees… The container Battered and scraped, but still intact. (It is the only steel object to be seen.) He picks it up…)


JOHNNY: This what you were looking for?


(…And hands the case to Marc.)






MARC: Sure looks like it.


(Marc struggles to open the case.)


JOHNNY: (quietly but firmly) Don't bother. (Marc looks up) You're never going to live to spend it. Turman's going to shoot you.


MARC: Why would he do that? We're partners!


JOHNNY: Your partner's been screwing your wife.


MARC: (harshly) How the hell would you know?


JOHNNY: Same way I know you didn't tie up the Sheriff.


(Johnny lets this soak in as Marc begins to burn.)


MARC: That bastard Turman…


(He tucks the case under his arm, pulls out his gun and heads outside…)




(Turman watches as Marc, then Johnny, come out. Marc drops the case at Turman's feet, then points his gun at him.)


TURMAN: (calmly) So you found it. Aren't you going to open it?


(Marc is about to explode. Turman remains calm, his hands in his jacket pockets.)


MARC: Forget the case. What about you and Pauline?


(Turman slowly looks at Johnny.)


MARC: He says you've been screwing my wife and now you're going to…


(Marc never finishes the sentence: Turman shoots him. Johnny flinches as Marc falls… dead. Turman checks him. Takes Marc's unfired pistol from his hand and tucks it in his belt.)


TURMAN: Are you ever wrong?




(The sound of Turman's shot still echoes. Pauline reacts with alarm, turning away from them toward the sound. Sarah sees her chance, and dives at Pauline, knocking the gun loose.)


SARAH: (to J.J.) Run!


(J.J. runs.)




(Turman sets the case down in front of him, gets ready to shoot off the lock.)


TURMAN: I've always wanted to touch two million bucks worth of anything…


(He smiles up at Johnny, then shoots off the lock.)


TURMAN: I guess this isn't the end you had in mind…


(As he opens the case, Johnny sees… Walt is sneaking up behind Turman, a piece of debris held like a club.)


JOHNNY: It's not over yet.


(Just as Turman stands, Walt smashes Turman with his makeshift club, knocking him into Johnny. All three go sprawling… Johnny's cane and Turman's gun and Marc's gun go skittering… both Walt and Johnny try for the weapons… too late… Turman beats them to his.)


TURMAN: Right again, Smith.


(He gets to his feet, out of breath as he picks up Marc's pistol. He gestures with the gun.)


TURMAN: Now it's over…


JOHNNY: Almost.


(A shot rings out. Turman goes down, wounded. Sarah appears ten feet away, still aiming at Turman.)


SARAH: (frightened, but sure) Don't make me kill you.


(Walt grabs Turman and disarms him.)


JOHNNY: Where's J.J.?


(By way of answer, J.J. rushes out of hiding and throws himself at Walt!)


J.J.: Dad!


(J.J. hugs his father. Sarah joins the hug, giving the gun to Walt.)




(Pauline and a wounded Turman sit here, bound back-to-back, hating each other. Walt is finishing a call using Turman's radio. Nearby, J.J. is wrapped in his mother's embrace, looking tired but safe. Sarah rocks him gently, as much for her comfort as his.)


WALT: We're going to have a chopper up here in twenty minutes.


JOHNNY: Everybody alright?


(Sober nods all around, the trauma of what happened just starting to soak in. Johnny holds up a baggie full of the "treasure.")


SARAH: So that's what this was all about?


J.J.: What is it?


JOHNNY: Computer chips. Two million dollars worth of four year old computer chips… they're worthless.


(He kicks the box over, spilling them on the ground. Off Johnny's look…)







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